Ir cilvēki, kuriem ir spējas otru saprast no pusvārda, taču Dagnija ir kas vairāk.

Ļoti bieži esmu dzirdējusi un joprojām klausos, kā citas savu kāzu dienu ir izsapņojušas jau visos sīkumos, tikmēr vienīgais par ko biju droša es – Jānis! Pārējais mani neuztrauca, ne kamēr kāzu dienu plānojām, ne arī pašu svinību laikā.

Tāpēc gribu teikt vienu ļoti lielu paldies, jo zinu, ka Tev nebija jābūt tikai tam, kurš saprot cilvēkus no pusvārda…. Tev bija jānolasa domas, kuras vēl vispār nebija dzimušas, jāsaprot mūs bez vārdiem, mūs – Tev pilnīgus svešiniekus! Un jārada diena, kuru mēs mūžam atcerēsimies!

P.S. Tev izdevās!

Krista (Jāņa meitene jau 9 gadus un sieva jau laimīgus 6 mēnešus)

The idea of having our wedding planned by a wedding planner came from our best maid, as she knew we are quite busy with our daily lives & living abroad, but that we both do want our wedding day to be special & unforgettable. This mission has been fully completed and all thanks to Dagnija and the team of great professionals, whom she recommended to us.

Together with Dagnija we could shape the wedding day just like we wanted but without sleepless nights before the wedding, on the wedding day or afterwards. The wedding ran so fast and we are so happy we could focus on spending time with our family and friends, fully enjoying ourselves, instead of thinking constantly on what comes next on the agenda or some organizational issues. As we later said to Dagnija, we have no idea what was happening in the background, but in the foreground everyone saw a flawless organization.

Our guests appreciated everything – beautiful flower decorations (our wish was to have many flowers!); creative, energetic and super outgoing bartenders; perfect service (we really mean it – PERFECT); DJ who feels the crowd; tasty food; elegant games and so many other things… We are grateful that Dagnija linked us with our photographer and video guys, because thanks to them we will have amazing memories for all our lives. Not to forget the great locations for the wedding ceremony, party and best possible weather in September!

It was very easy to rely on Dagnija, as she is very easy going & warm hearted person with “nothing is impossible” approach. We had so much fun during our meetings!

Dagnija, LIELS paldies Tev un Tavai komandai!!!!

Hugs & kisses from Germany,

Julija & Benjamin

My first encounter with Dagnija is now approximately 1 year ago. Within minutes of our first meeting I could feel how my shoulders sank comfortably into a resting position and my pulse steady its´ pace. It was clear that this daunting task of organizing a wedding in Latvia while we live in Norway was in very competent hands of, dare I say, Latvia’s greatest wedding planner. As our wedding was a destination wedding in Riga, we corresponded primarily through email and occasionally skype. This was never an issue, we constantly kept each other updated on inputs and ideas. I was surprised when Dagnija shared that she was planning several weddings this year, as I honestly felt that she was working solely on our wedding. This goes to show that she was 110% dedicated to planning our wedding.

In August we arrived in Riga with over 70 guests flying in from all over the world. She received so much praise from all of them. We have since heard our guests tell us it was a “fairy-tale wedding”, all orchestrated by Dagnija.

Dagnija never missed a beat, continuously improving our ideas and visions for our special day. Some improvements were for artistic/theme purposes, some for practical reasons and last but not least several ideas were to keep us on budget. We gave Dagnija quite a bit of artistic freedom, and I couldn’t have been happier with that decision. When our wedding day was finally here, all the decorations and scenery took our breath away. It truly was our dream wedding!

Dagnija is not only a magnificent wedding planner, she is a very kindhearted and lovely person to be around. We can wholeheartedly recommend Dagnija to anyone who is planning a festive occasion.

Dagnija, we wish you all the best for the future!

Espen and Kirsten

Dear Dagnija,

Now that more than a year has passed since we met you for the first time and four months since we got married, we are still sure that the first impression about you was the right one. When we had the first meeting, we immediately felt that you would be the right person to take care about our wedding and will arrange it exactly the way we dreamt about. We had a strong feeling that you did not see only a business opportunity, as other agencies did, but you sincerely wanted to turn the 4th of July into the best day of our lives.

We are so thankful to you that you managed to lead us through the planning stages with a lot of care and attention to every smallest detail in the most intelligent and mild way. When we had wrong and unpractical suggestions, you managed to interfere in a gentle and tactful manner, giving us a chance to arrive at the right conclusion ourselves.

You listened carefully to all our ideas and thanks to your wide network and contacts, you were able to propose the best photographers, hosts, musicians and other entertainers for us to choose from.

You thought about every single detail in advance. Sometimes it did not even occur to us that it might be worth considering. Do you still remember that you asked the castle staff to mow the lawn, because you were afraid that the blossoming clover would attract the bees that might sting the guests?

Despite the busy wedding season we had a feeling that we were the only customers of yours, truly VIP customers. We planned the whole event together with you up to the last moment, but you still managed to surprise us on the day of our wedding with elegant and unexpectedly amazing arrangements. We are still discussing if it was you who made the 2 storks leave their nest and appear in the morning fog in the nearby field, while we were enjoying the last glass of wine sitting in the swings at 4 a.m., when all the guests went to bed to recover for the next day. The time has come to learn the truth – was it you? ;)

Sincere thanks to you, Dagnija, and your staff for making our wedding day unforgettable and letting us live through our dream without any stress and headache! You were so helpful and supportive, making this fairytale come true.

We definitely would like to recommend you to any couple that is dreaming about a perfect celebration. All our guests, who came from different European countries, were delighted to be part of this beautiful event. All of them mentioned it was the first time that they had attended such a properly organized and marvelous wedding.

We wish you every success and may at all the events you will plan in the future have a happy end!

Erika & Gunnar

Paldies internetam, ka tas mums palīdzēja atrast Sparkling Dagniju, kas ļāva bez uztraukuma, noguruma, steigas un galvas kūpēšanas skaisti nosvinēt kāzu dienu! Esam ļoti pateicīgi par rūpīgi izplānotu dienu, par gaumi, par improvizāciju, par saules pieburšanu uz ceremonijas laiku (precīzi uz ..padsmit minūtēm, pēc tam kopā ar viesiem nobaudījām tik patīkami atvēsinošu un uzmundrinošu lietu. Vismaz nebija redzams, kurš no viesiem bija lējis visvairāk prieka asaras), un pateicīgi par jaukajām un saturīgām tikšanās reizēm.

Var just un redzēt, ka Dagnija ne tikai patiešām mīl saorganizēt skaistus mirkļus, bet viņai tas arī izdodas. Paldies arī asistentēm un visiem mūsu pasākuma norisē iesaistītajiem cilvēkiem, kas mums un viesiem sarīkoja brīnišķīgu dienu!

Kristaps & Margarita

Mēs meklējām kāzu rīkotāju, bet ieguvām lielisku ģimenes draugu. Vēl joprojām nespējam noticēt tam, ka cilvēka spēkos ir kāzu dienu pārvērst brīnišķīgā, sirsnīgā pasakā. Viss bija tieši tā kā vēlējāmies – neaizmirstami un skaisti.

Vēlos Tev, Dagnija, mūsu vārdā teikt milzīgu paldies par pacietību, uzticību pusotrā kopā pavadītajā gadā, kas kāzu dienā ļāva izjust iekšēju mieru un laimi.

Dagnija izdarīja visu, visu, visu, lai mūsu kāzu diena kļūtu par baltāko dienu mūžā. Iesaku ikvienam uzticēt Dagnijai rīkot kāzas, jo viņas rokas pieskāriens un dvēsele palīdzēs īstenot neiedomājamākos sapņus un slēptākās vēlmes.

Pateicībā, Bertānu ģimene

From the start, one of us was not convinced that we were going to need a wedding organizer at all, but agreed to consider the idea. When we started searching for a wedding planner, we spoke with Dagnija and we spoke with another well-established local agency (both we found online). The difference was immediately apparent: Dagnija was actually interested in knowing to what we were looking for and in how she could help us make it happen, while the other agency seemed interested in selling a pre-set package that had little in common with what we were interested in.

Throughout the 5-months preparation period, neither of us was actually living in Riga, most of communication took place via email and Skype, and we only visited Riga once. With help of Dagnija and her well-planned schedule, we managed to select the venue as well as to meet with some of the personnel that she had suggested.

Both before and during the wedding day, Dagnija made sure to suggest/consult with us on every step of planning to make sure everything that we chose was what we truly wanted & enjoyed, however the execution was not something we had to worry about. We were only left to take care of our wedding attire, our first dance, gifts for family and few other minor items. Due to our busy schedules, we only flew to Riga the day before wedding and that was fully sufficient as the only thing left to do was to enjoy the pre-wedding drinks with our friends in the bar (which Dagnija helped organize).

Our wedding had to be done in three languages (Latvian, Russian, English). Dagnija helped us find the right people – civil servant (bilingual LV+RU), evening leader, bartenders (all trilingual) – and helped along the way with suggestions regarding how the languages could be managed throughout the wedding day. Thanks to some nice surprises that Dagnija had organized for us, we got to truly enjoy our wedding day as if we were guests ourselves. It was wonderful!

Dagnija has very good taste and very pragmatic approach to organizational details. She takes each wedding as special event just for the couple and adjusts it to couples’ personalities, wishes and style. Dagnija was present during the entire day, responding to every last-minute request, and she made us feel very special. Some of her ideas, like bartenders or ceremony decoration really turned out to be highlights of the day, and even most demanding of our guests were left nothing but impressed. We heard comments such as “fairytale wedding,” “wonderful party” or “beyond expectations”.

Although ours was a winter wedding and the weather was not on our side, the day was so well organized and went so smoothly that we did not for a minute wish it had been done differently. In the hindsight, we realize how lucky we were to have found Dagnija. We could not have managed on our own to achieve the level of quality similar to what we got with her help.

Sanita & Yuliy

Mīļā Dagnija, vēlreiz milzum liels paldies par mūsu dienu un vispār par mūsu draudzību! Mūsu kāzas bija neaprakstāms skaistums un mēs vēl joprojam dzīvojam kā pasaku filmas turpinājumā. Sapņi pārtop īstenībā, un Tu palīdzi tiem īstenoties. Viss bija tik perfekti un pasakaini, ka ir tāda ļoti laba un skaista piepildījuma sajūta. Izbaudījām patiešām katru minūti uz 120%. Tu esi visvisvis labākā, un Tev godam pienākas jauka, mierīga un ļoti īpaša atpūta pēc šī saspringtā perioda. Es ik pa laikam pārskatu mūsu bildes un domāju – kā var visu tik skaisti un perfekti sakārtot un saorganizēt. Mums bija visvisvis skaistākās kāzas pasaulē, un neko labāku pat nevarējām iedomāties! Paldies!!!

Evija & Māris

Sadarbību ar Dagniju no sirds ieteiktu katram, kas vēlas noorganizēt brīnišķīgas, no uztraukumiem brīvas kāzas. Savas emocijas un secinājumus mēģinājām formulēt, saskaitot, ko ieguvām un ko ne, sadarbojoties ar Dagniju.

Tātad, uzticot kāzu organizēšanu Dagnijai, mēs ieguvām:
– Pārliecību, ka viss būs, viss notiks tieši tā, kā domāts, jo Dagnijai izdodas tik vienkārši un nesatricināmi nokārtot jebkuru lietu, atrisināt katru samezglojumu.
– Sadarbību ar cilvēku, kurš mūs saprata no pusvārda, nojauta mūsu vēlmes un gribēšanas, pirms tās tika izteiktas vārdos. Ir lietas, ko grūti vārdos noformulēt – gaume, stils, krāsu izjūta – , ar kurām Dagnija trāpīja tieši desmitniekā!
– Iespēju pieslēgties Dagnijas ideju un datu bankai – viņas zināšanas par kāzu organizēšanu, par iespējamiem sadarbības partneriem, par dažādiem variantiem, kā šo dienu padarīt īpašu, ir fantastiskas!
– Sajūtu, ka esam vis-vis-svarīgākie Dagnijas klienti, jo jutāmies loloti un aprūpēti gan gatavošanās laikā, gan jo īpaši – pašā kāzu dienā.

Un tagad par to, kā mums nebija:
– Mēs neuzzinājām, cik ir daudz gan dažādu problēmu, gan kaitinošu sīkumu, kas jāatrisina, lai kāzas izdotos.
– Mēs neizjutām stresu par kaut kādām iespējamām ķibelēm, mums nebija aiz uztraukuma negulētu nakšu!
– Uz mūsu pleciem negūlās rūpes un lietišķums, un mēs savas kāzas tādēļ varējām tiešām izbaudīt.

Pateicoties Dagnijai, mūsu kāzu diena bija īpaša, mīļa un kolosāla! Viss bija noorganizēts tā, ka neko labāku vai savādāku nudien nevarētu iedomāties; pat laiks bija rudenim neraksturīgi jauks, un mēs nemaz nebūtu pārsteigti, ja izrādītos, ka Dagnija spēj sakārtot arī to!

Milzīgs un mīļš Tev paldies, Dagnij!

Liene & Kaspars

When we got engaged in early spring and the thought of organising our wedding at the end of the summer first crossed our minds we were not entirely sure whether this was possible without making too many compromises. We both have always been rather flexible, however we did not want to compromise on the quality of the most significant day of our lives (so far!). Fast forward five months and we can wholeheartedly say that we had our dream wedding (in fact, much more than that) and this would not have been possible if it was not for Dagnija and all amazing people that she got together for our wedding.

From the very beginning we knew that we would need help in organising our wedding as neither of us lives in Latvia and, as a matter of fact, at the time we were not even living in the same country and had busy work schedules which made flying to Riga during preparation period slightly more complex. We approached Dagnija after a thorough review of her event photos and references available on her website and social networks and realising that the setting and style of her events was similar to how we saw our wedding. In addition, a friend of ours who had taken part in a wedding organised by Dagnija gave us an outstanding reference about the quality of the event.

We were convinced that the choice to work with Dagnija was absolutely right given how responsive and informative she was during our initial email exchange. Throughout the preparation period she raised items in the order of priority, continuously asked for our views and opinions and presented us with options to choose from. We were happy to see that she listened to our ideas, noted the things that were most important to us and made them all real on our wedding day. During the five months of preparation we only went to Riga on two weekends and Dagnija did everything to organise meetings, tastings and visits as efficiently as possible. She was also incredibly helpful with the paperwork and arranged everything with the local authorities as well as assisted in our communication with the French embassy.

We believe that nothing says it better that a wedding has been a huge success with lots of smiles, happy guests, completely stress free day and people on the dancefloor until the sunrise – we had it all! Dagnija – we could never say enough “Thank you” for making this the best day of our lives!

Aiva & Fouad

Laiks, ko kāzu gatavošanās procesā sešu mēnešu garumā pavadījām kopā ar Dagniju, bija jauks un joprojām neaizmirstams. No sveša, pirms tam nezināma cilvēka Dagnija kļuva par mūsu topošās ģimenes draugu un padomdevēju, kas no pusvārda un žesta vien spēja nolasīt mūsu vēlmes un vajadzības, it kā pazītu mūs gadiem. Ar savu profesionalitāti, milzīgo atbildības sajūtu, stila izkoptību, pārdomātību un perfekcionismu it visā, pat vismazākajā sīkumā, Dagniju nenoliedzami var uzskatīt par vienu no labākajām kāzu organizatorēm Latvijā. To nevar iemācīties, ar šādu spēju piedzimst un Dagnijai ir palaimējies… Un laimīgi nenoliedzami kļūst tie pāri, kas savu svētku dienas organizāciju uztic viņai. Mums palaimējās – varējām brīvi, bezrūpīgi, līdz emociju pārpilnībai un pārsteigumiem piepildīti izbaudīt savu „lielo dienu”. Arī viesi bija sajūsmā…

Starp citu, mūsu ceļi ar Dagniju nav šķīrušies un draudzība turpinās arī pēc kāzām. Un tas ir nozīmīgs rādītājs. Lai arī Jums izdodas satikt Dagniju!

Linda & Aigars

If you’re thinking – wedding planners are expensive, we can do it ourselves, we can understand – so were we. But, in the end, we could not have made a better choice than to book a “Sparkling” wedding.

Sparkling provides a hands-on, personal touch – with availability, day or evening, to answer those extra questions and deal with those last minute panics! No angle is left unconsidered. So many ideas are put on the table, that it would be impossible to action all of them. But at least you will have the chance to consider all of them. Sparkling are flexible enough also to implement your own alternative routes, and deal with your own contacts if you wish to include. For example, we had our own photographer, but were still given assistance in arranging the contract and logistics details. Visits to the church and the party venue, together with Sparkling, resulted in nice extra touches, such as ‘typewriter corner’ and the ‘photo zone’.

Once the wedding day arrives, you can focus on yourselves, as Sparkling will have a team on hand to cover every eventuality – even the groom loosing the honeymoon suite room key (hypothetically!!)

It was very important that we had a wedding planner that we could trust, given that neither of us were living in Latvia. A series of texts/emails/Skypes, as well as a couple of face-to-face meetings, and everything was executed perfectly. We had such little stress during the whole process – how many couples can say that? A big reason for that was Sparkling.

Highly recommended! Thank you Dagnija!

Katrīna & Martin

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Dagnija on behalf of both of us for the fairytale wedding you helped us convert into a reality. Hosting the wedding in Latvia was an impulsive decision, and frankly we were very worried that it was going to be impossible to organize everything as we were doing it long distance.

There were so many details and decisions that e-mails were flying back and forth like a commercial aircraft in high season and to top it all off the idea of what a wedding should be like for us was more in the range of royal rather then rural. Being a fairly well travelled couple we had a few greatly specific requests that required a lot of time, effort and patience.

Dagnija had the ability to reduce the amount of stress for the couple in the operational chores and selective processes that seem to never end. The structured steps into the organization of the tasks were efficient and comprehensive. The ability to delivery was demonstrated throughout the process from start to finish. You can tell that this young and yet very zen lady has her legos sorted by size and color.

It was a pleasure to have worked with you and we plan on a big anniversary sometime soon ;-)

So to all who are reading, if you want a positive unforgettable experience then look no further.

Big thanks, Denis & Lelde Bertrand

Thank you so very much for all your work and effort in making our magical day even more special! From beginning to end it was a breathtaking experience and your attention to detail, understanding of the vision we had for the event and tireless persistence in face of occasional adversity ensured we could not have asked for more. We enjoyed very much the surprises that were included in the scenario of the day. Loved the decorations. There was just the right amount of them – not too little, not too few and all were very tastefully done. We could not have imagined them being done any better that they were. We will highly recommend you to anyone who is after a once in a lifetime event.


Nevienam no mums nav noslēpums, ka gatavošanās kāzām ir ļoti satraukuma pilns laiks. Daudz lietu ir jāizlemj, darbi, kas jādara un vēl tik daudz kas, pat, ka bail iedomāties. Bet cik labi, ka mums bija tāds cilvēks, kā Dagnija, kas palīdzēja mums “nolaist to tvaiku”, kas tuvojoties kāzu dienai, auga arvien vairāk. To tiešām varēja arī just, ka cilvēks zina ko dara un ir savā vieta. Tik neskaitāmi daudz piedāvājumu sekoja, ka tiešām nezinājām ko, lai izvēlas, jo tas viss izklausījās ļoti labi, taču Dagnija spēja atrast tos vispiemērotākos mums, lai gan nebijām ne iepriekš pazīstami, ne kā savādāk saistīti. No tā vien var secināt, ka Dagnija ļoti labi “skenē” cilvēkus, viņa saprot, ko mēs vēlamies un ko nē, un kas būtu nepieciešams tieši Mūsu dienā. Pateicoties Dagnijai un viņas komandai, vecākiem un vedējiem mūsu diena bija tieši tāda, kādu to bijām arī iztēlojušies un, ja mums šodien prasītu, ja būtu iespēja kaut ko mainīt vai mēs ko mainītu? Tad mēs viennozīmīgi teiktu nē! Mēs šo dienu izdzīvojām no katras savas mikroskopiskākās šūniņas līdz pēdējam matu galiņam, jo nebija ne rūpju, ne raižu- bija neizsakāms PRIEKS, MĪLESTĪBA un LAIME par mūsu izdarīto izvēli!

Paldies Tev, Dagnij par visu ko esi paveikusi mūsu labā, mēs ļoti novērtējam Tavu personisko pieeju mūsu kāzām un mēs zinām, ka Tev viss izdosies, jo tu esi profesionāle savā jomā!

Ar mīlestību, Ariks un Gita Stankus

Dagnija is a charming and impressive “entrepreneur”! She has got this natural talent to convert a well-desired planned party into a magic process of several months ending with an amazed crowd gathered for an astonishing wedding celebration!

Listening to your wishes and tastes, carefully selecting the perfect location, the chef, the menu, the DJ, the band, the music to be played, the programme hour by hour, the colours as well as every single detail and accessory that makes every element match one to another in order to create a WAOUW festival of emotions for every guest!

I wish you all the best for your future challenges and really wonder how to organize a better celebration! I’m sure you know how :).


Vēlējos izteikt milzīgu PALDIES Dagnijai un viņas komandai par lielisko svētku noformējumu. Sākumā neticējām , ka mūsu pagalmu var pārvērst par tik skaistu un īpašu svētku norises vietu . Atmosfēra bija tik burvīga , un tas viss pateicoties Dagnijai un saulei :).

Liels paldies un uz atkal tikšanos kādā citā svētku reizē!

Samantas, Gustava, Domicellas mamma un Kārļa sieva Gunita

Ja mums būtu iespēja svinēt savas kāzas vēlreiz, mēs visu darītu tieši tāpat un atkal lūgtu Dagniju uzņemties kāzu rīkošanu. Ar Dagniju ir viegli saprasties, jo viņa ir atvērta un bija gatava jebkādiem mūsu priekšstatiem par mūsu kāzu dienu. Ja gribam ugunskuru, tad būs. Un tas bija viens varens ugunskurs, kas pamanījās nesasmērēt līgavas kleitu ar sodrējiem un nepiekūpināt viesu drēbes ar dūmiem. Vienlaicīgi Dagnijai bija lieliski un noderīgi priekšlikumi un, kā izrādījās, arī tieši tik daudz pārsteigumu, lai tie būtu patīkami. Svarīgi, ka mums nebija jākrāmējas ar visādiem sīkumiem. Turklāt kāzu diena bija īpaši skaista ne tikai mums, bet arī mūsu viesiem. Viens no viesiem otrajā dienā teica, ka šis pasākums viņam sniedzis tikpat daudz pacilājošu emociju kā vismaz nedēļu ilgs ceļojums.

Patīkami strādāt ar profiem. Paldies, Dagnij! Lai Tev nezūd iedvesma, un daudz jaunu klientu!

Debora & Gints

Ticiet vai nē, bet iepazīstoties ar Dagniju savu balto dienu varat pavadīt kā pasakā. Īsā laikā sapņi kļūst par īstenību! Dagnija ir izcila kāzu organizatore un viņai ir perfekta stila izjūta – mums un mūsu viesiem ļoti, ļoti patika. Uzticieties un droši jautājiet, Jums visu izstāstīs, visas vēlmes ir iespējams realizēt līdz mazākajai niansei. Ir patīkami satikt tik profesionālus cilvēkus, kuri strādā ar sirds mīlestību un lielu atbildību! Mēs esam LAIMĪGI, ka satikām Dagniju, jo viss bija tik pārdomāts, noformēts, noorganizēts, nevienā brīdī nav jāsatraucas, ka kaut kas nav kārtībā! Vienkārši varat priecāties un izbaudīt skaisto notikumu, un būt LAIMĪGI! Lai dzīvo MĪLESTĪBA, BRĪNIŠĶĪGI CILVĒKI UN NEAIZMIRSTAMI NOTIKUMI.

Kaspars un Evija

Dagnij, gribam Tev pateikt LIELU paldies par to, ka mums bija mūsu sapņu kāzas. Tik skaistas, tik nepiespiestas, tik jautras un tik burvīgas un sirsnīgas. Mēs paši jau kā divas dienas runājam par savām kāzām, apspriežam katru sīkumu un katru detaļu un saprotam, ja mēs precētos vēlreiz, mēs visu darītu tieši tā pat un neko nemainītu! Mēs esam ārkārtīgi priecīgi, ka Tu mums biji un spēji šo dienu ne tikai mums, bet arī mūsu viesiem padarīt NEAIZMIRSTAMU! Pēc kāzām tie viesi, kas nevēlējās precēties, tagad TIK ļoti vēlās TIK skaistas kāzas un kompliments par visu Tev no visiem viesiem, kuri to nepaguva pateikt klātienē!

vienmēr Tavi, nu jau Buki

Mūsu sadarbība ar Dagniju ietvēra visu kāzu dienas norišu plānošanu un organizēšanu – no ceremonijas līdz pat neformālas daļas izskaņai. Dagniju nešaubīgi raksturo nevainojama gaumes izjūta, absolūta elegance visos izvēlētajos risinājumos, kas piepildīti ar pārdomātām detaļām un maziem knifiņiem.

Mums bija ļoti patīkami saņemt komplimentus gan par skaistajiem kāzu ielūgumiem, gan svinību noformējumu, tai skaitā no cilvēkiem, kas savā profesionālajā darbībā piedalījušies tik daudzās kāzu svinībās, ka mums grūti to pat attāli iztēloties.

Tomēr vēl patīkamāk par sajūsmas pilnajiem komplimentiem un uzslavām, ko saņēmām no mūsu kāzu viesiem, bija pašiem būt daļai no tā brīnumainā notikuma, ko Dagnija tik prasmīgi veidoja. Dagnija bija mūsu svētku Labā Feja, kas īstenoja mūsu vēlmes vēl pirms mēs spējām tās līdz galam noformulēt, viņa perfekti jūt cilvēkus un ļoti iedziļinās ikkatrā niansē.

Nešaubīgi, pašu kāzas vienmēr būs īpašas, tomēr esam pārliecināti, ka mūsu Lielā diena bija tik skaista, mierīga un harmoniska lielā mērā tieši pateicoties Dagnijas ieguldītajam darbam, prasmei un pieredzei svinību organizēšanā.

Un pats galvenais – visu saspringto gatavošanās laiku Dagnijā mēs jutām drauga plecu, uz kura balstīties, cilvēku, kuram patiesi rūp, kā mēs jūtamies un uz kuru mēs varam pilnībā paļauties jebkādos jautājumos. Vienmēr ir liels prieks sadarboties ar cilvēkiem, kas no sirds mīl to, ko dara, – tas dod sajūtu, ka esam drošās rokās. Paldies, mūsu Labā Feja!

Kristīne un Oskars

Ar Dagniju iepazinos, gatavojoties māsas kāzām. Tā kā zināju, cik ļoti viņa gaidīja šo dienu, vēlējos radīt īpašas sajūtas un emocijas. Lai realizētu ideju par romantisku pasēdēšanu it kā nekurienes vidū – aizaugušajās Krimuldas pils drupās, lūdzu Dagnijas palīdzību. Manuprāt, pārsteigums jaunajiem izdevās satriecošs. Dagnija ātri uztvēra manu ideju un apaudzēja ar savām. Rezultāts bija fantastisks!

Dagnijas profesionālā un personiskā attieksme ļoti palīdzēja kāzu gatavošanās procesā. Viņa pamana un iesaka daudzas sīkas lietiņas, par kurām es nekad neiedomātos, bet kas šo īpašo dienu padara vēl īpašāku. Tik pat jauki bija Dagnijas ierosinātie dekorējumi un dažādie nieciņi svinību vietā. Vēlu Dagnijai daudz radošu ideju un atsaucīgus cilvēkus, kas vēlas tās realizēt dzīvē. Jauki, ka ir cilvēki, kas vēlas un spēj radīt pasakas sajūtu!


Visa pasākuma gaitā praktiski no visiem viesiem dzirdēju neskaitāmus komplimentus par noformējumu. Tā ka nav divu domu – ta bija lielisks! No manas puses – tas bija tieši tāds kā gribēju! Vēlreiz paldies :)


Skaistākās, sirsnīgākās, mīļākās kāzas, kurās esam piedalījušies, neskatoties, ka tās bija savējās!

Viss izsmalcināti, gaumīgi, stilīgi! Piedomāts līdz pat sīkākajai detaļai! Fantastisks galdu noformējums, ziedi, sveces. Perfekta organizācija un precizitāte! Pirmskāzu organizācijas procesā pašiem nav jauztraucās par to kā būs utt., atlika tikai izvēlēties no piedāvātajām iespējām. Izcils padomdevējs par lietām, kur pašiem nebija nekādas sajēgas!

Kāzu diena- piedzīvojums kopā ar saviem viesiem! Fantastiskas kāzas!!! Trūkst vārdu, lai izteiktu pateicību. Galvenais, ka šis notikums spilgti ir palicis mūsu un viesu atmiņā!!! Veiksmi un radošu dzirskti arī turpmāk!!!!!

Ilze un Normunds

Sveika, Dagnija!

Gribēju jau sen Tev pateikt milzīgu paldies par BRĪNIŠĶĪGAJĀM Tevis organizētajām kāzām, bet nekādi nevarēju salikt kopā visus tos daudzos paldies, kurus gribam Tev pateikt. Paldies, paldies, paldies! Uz tik skaistām un mīļām kāzām nekad vēl nebijām bijuši!!!

Vai ticat, ka mēneša laikā iespējams sarīkot perfektas, saturiski un vizuāli, līdz pat sīkākai detaļai pārdomātas kāzas? Neticat? Tādad jūs vēl neesat pazīstami ar Dagniju, kura ar savām pārsteidzošajām idejām, izsmalcināto gaumi un pedantisko attieksmi, spēj radīt fantastiskus svētkus! Dagnija prot ieklausīties cilvēkos, momentā uztvert viņu vēlmes un piedāvāt risinājumus. Uz viņu var pilnībā paļauties, jo viņa visu izdarīs perfekti, precīzi un smalki.

Tajā brīdī, kad esat piezvanījuši Dagnijai, ziniet, ka jums vairs neparko nav jāuztraucas, ka jūsu svētki būs perfekti un fantastiski skaisti! Vēlreiz sakām Tev milzīgu paldies par mūsu dēla pasakainajām kāzām un paldies Tev, ka piekriti sarīkot arī otra dēla kāzas!